Q: Your website looks a little different from other Dominatrix. Is it a personal website of a particular woman?
A: It's not a personal website, instead BackToDawn is an experimental project initiated by D, which originates from her knowledge of BDSM and joint cooperation with her friends who share the same hobbies and fortes in anticipation of make new explorations towards this direction.

Q: Why can't I see your pictures? I seem to know a little about the model you are talking about, but I don't want to make a reservation without seeing your pictures.
A: Sorry, we cannot showcase our photos on the website due to the protection of the daily life of each participant. Yet we promise that our doms are all females with charming looks. If you have any special requirements, just send us an email. We also want to maintain a sense of mystery, because it is the opportunity to open your new senses and strengthen the sharpness of your experiences, which we think is worth trying.
You'll probably see us in due course.

Q: Do you charge for the game?
A: Yes. The dominants here are experienced and outstanding, and the basic items in ordinary sessions seem too common for us to have fun from. Therefore, we believe that the submissives who do love this field would like to try something new and further, and there is always a cost of material and time in improvement and innovation. Even if you’re just a beginner, you could also feel the differences between a well-designed game and a session of master-slave relation.

Q: Has the game’s plot already been written?
A: We have some specific scripts of the game to be combined with the scene of your dreams, so that can bring about a unique and exciting experience differently each time.

Q: Can your games only be played in Shanghai?
A: Normally, yes. If you invite us to other places, plans must be meticulously negotiated. In a few cases of our art projects, we may also stay in other cities or countries.