Welcome to BackToDawn.
This is a road of explorations leading to your innermost unknown territories.
We are looking forward to meeting you here and together we will venture into an uncanny, profound and illusory scenario.Since you are here, you need not worry or hurry, because there is still a long journey to traverse ahead. Just relax and join us in the review of a classical Greek mythology.
While sailing across the Strait of Messina, Odysseus' fleet learned previously that the siren sisters would sing lethal songs irresistible to the commoners. Yet Odysseus wanted to challenge himself to her songs. To defend against the siren sisters, he followed the advice of the goddess Kaersi and took precautions. When the fleet was approaching the waters where the songs emanated from, Odysseus had him tethered to the mast while ordering his sailors to seal their ears with wax, asking them to ignore his commands and gestures while passing through the Island of Death. Shortly, the Island came into their eyes. Odysseus heard the enticing songs, which were just so enchanting. He desperately struggled to free himself while shouting at his sailors to head for the siren sisters who were singing on the grasslands. However, nobody paid attention to him and the sailors sailed all the way ahead. Odysseus regained his calmness as he could not hear the songs. At this moment, the sailors untied him and removed the wax from their ears.
You must be familiar with BDSM games. Perhaps you are eager to become a subordinate, looking forward to finding a Mistress whom you admire and wish to serve with unselfish dedication. Yet your Mistress here doesn't intend to take you as a 24/7 slave, or even allow such servitude to affect your daily routines. We don't have the real power, but we are keen to exercise such force and derive pleasure from it, and such power emanates from your promises. Once you are into the game, we'll make continuous explorations with our increasing understandings of you, seeking the boundaries of experiences, creating new perceptions and ensuring them well under control. You can be what you wish to be in the game.
And we are the sailors whose ears are clogged with wax, while you are Odysseus with the sirens in your heart.
May you find your bright here.